It is without question that my life was spared by choosing to seek the aid of Marcelle. When Western medicine repeatedly failed to heal and my health was in sharp decline, Marcelle’s facilitation of good works helped to not only get to the root of truth in the issues but also create a space of safety for recovery. It is a journey I strongly encourage everyone to make for either deep healing or simply general wellbeing. Marcelle has an honesty, sincerity and compassion in her work that is sure to create wholeness wherever she goes. She is a truly unique healer. May blessings follow her all the days of her life.

Helen Hazelmare

Having things explained ahead of time was helpful in terms of what might happen and what (the session) might look like. Having the opportunity to journey for myself was also empowering. I felt you the whole time while we were journeying and knew that I had guidance.

Your depth of presence is your greatest asset. Your insights rang true for me and I got some confirmation and acknowledgement of some of the challenges that were up for me. I appreciate the opportunity to follow-up the session with some helpful rituals.

Thanks again for your healing presence.